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Cyber hacks and other cyber-crimes add up to 3 trillion dollars a year for businesses across the world. Cyber threats are directly correlated with the advancement of technology. Cyber-crime damage is predicted to double to 6 trillion dollars by the year 2021. This statistic shows how in demand cyber-security is becoming in the modern world.

There are currently over a million unfilled cyber-security jobs and more positions open every day. Cyber-security unemployment rate is at 0 percent making it a great field to be in.

Abacode provides cybersecurity training and tools for organizations of all sizes and diverse industries to protect their data and prevent cyber attacks. With our distinctive monitoring program, Security Information and Event Management, we can oversee company information and ensure that it remains in the hands of that company. Additionally, CyberLorica, our virtual alarm system, alerts firms and notifies them of cyber attacks or hacking attempts before they can become an issue.

Abacode is also committed to training employees, as awareness is essential in preventing phishing, malware infections, social engineering, and other forms of cybersecurity breaches. For more information about Abacode, visit About us or the Abacode website.


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