Why deploy cybersecurity awareness training?

Cyber Security Training Tools


Cybersecurity Training

Your organization is a target and cybersecurity training tools will help protect you. At first glance, that might not be apparent, but allow Abacode to provide you with the facts.


Globally, cyber crime costs businesses around $400 billion dollars every year, making cybersecurity training costs seem miniscule. In an ever-changing digital world, tactics to bypass the security of organization have become more sophisticated every year. These tactics mainly target the human element, which is often the most vulnerable factor within cyber attacks. Small and mid-sized businesses are now the largest targets, due to a lack of adequate defenses.


With an average of 90 million successful cyber attacks each year, your employees are frequently exposed to these threats and may lack the knowledge to detect a cyber attack. Training your team will improve your employees’ individual cyber defense skills, create a more alert culture, reduce risks and improve the cybersecurity posture of your company.


At Abacode, we are aware that technology alone cannot protect your company’s data, especially when threats are aimed directly at your staff. We provide comprehensive training in social engineering techniques to help your team safeguard the company’s network.

With our program, your company will address technical and human elements with thorough training in the following areas:


– Identification and detection of malware and ransomware

– Common social engineering tactics

– Workplace information security and prevention of internal and external breaches

– Email security procedures and hard-to-crack password guidelines

– Phishing and Spear Phishing detection awareness and education

– Social Media threats

– Disaster recovery/business stabilization and continuity


Abacode professionals determine the level of cyber security readiness of your organization. Our team of ITs will scan your website or web app to detect vulnerabilities. Next, a penetration test evaluates how susceptible your security system is to an internal or external breach. Once flaws are detected, we assist your staff in eliminating the threat and stabilizing business performance.


In order to boost the cyber security posture of your company, we may deploy the cyber alarm system CyberLorica, which combines industry recognized Incident Management (SIEM) with Security Event and Vulnerability Assessment (VA), Intrusion Detection System (IDS), and Mobile Device Management (MDM) solutions with Open Source and Customized tools in a platform monitored by our cybersecurity professionals, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


We encourage you to request our complementary Light Cybersecurity Evaluation, where we will find out for you how fragile your network’s security can be.